What is Owning a Bed and Breakfast Like?



This by far has to be the number one question we get asked.  There seem to be two very different views that guest hold.  The first, I wish was truer. The belief that Ellen and I have very leisurely life.  We get to greet and talk to people form all over the world.  Living as if we are on vacation all the time.  Going to the beaches and to all the amazing family owned business and restaurant’s New Smyrna Beach has to offer.  The second, that is non-stop work kind of business.  We have to get up early make breakfast, clean and of course the never-ending laundry.  So, what is the truth?  Both.  It is defiantly not for everyone.


          As displayed in the above photo’s we do live in, and enjoy one of the worlds best beach towns.  We get to make friends with people from all over the world and have some of the best restaurants with in walking distance or a few minutes’ drive from our front door.  Cork Screw, Lost Lagoon, Breakers, The Garlic and River Park Terrence, there are just too many to name them all.   We are 40 minutes from Blue Springs, 1 hour from Orlando, 30 minutes from Canaveral launches or Port.  Truly we are blessed to be able to live and work in such a culturally diverse and rich community.


Then there is the other side of owning a Bed and Breakfast.  It is work, a lot of work!  When guests are on property we are in the kitchen by 7 am to prepare for breakfast which runs from 8-10 am.  From 10-11 am we clean the dinning room, kitchen and I try to get daily accounting done.  From 11 am-2 pm we clean all the rooms and straighten up the outside of the property.  Then from 3-6 pm we wait on check-in’s and get baking done for the next morning. Plus, of course the cookies.  Most days after 6 pm we are free to go to the beach, bike or in take in our favorite places and get a bite to eat.  Even when the place is empty there is always work for be done as many of you know it is a very big house.


The bight side is Ellen and I do take two days a week off.  We go to church every Sunday and Monday we chill and get our own home caught up. Plus, we plan at least one trip a year to a place we have never been before.  We were warned early on that if you don’t take time for yourself then we would never be able to take care of our guests.  Like everyone we have good days and bad.  But the most of time we truly do love what we do.  Helping our guest have the best time on their vacation. We want you to be able to take advantage of all the amazing things there are to do in New Smyrna Beach.  I plan to start high lighting them one our blog.  I’m just learning how to blog so, be kind.  Feel free to send any ideas you think will benefit others come to the area to anchorinnbnb@gmail.com.

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