Garden Gnomes at Anchor Inn NSB

Many of you that have stayed with us here at Anchor Inn NSB may have noticed the garden gnomes around the property.  These creatures seemed innocent enough.  We acquired the majority of the larger ones from my mother.  She had to sell her home around the same time that we planned to buy the Inn.  She was heartsick that her sweet elves (as she calls them) would not have a place to live in her new home.  Ellen and I assured her that we would find the prefect place for them here at the Inn.  So, once we closed, the paper work signed and we moved in one of the first things we did was find places for the gnomes. We thought they would be very comfortable and our guest could truly enjoy them.  The originals were all hand paint by my mother. Now that they live with us, she gets to still visit them from time to time.


I thought that was all there was the end of the story.  But the strangest thing started to happen.  Smaller and different gnomes started to appear in the garden.  During our general breakfast conversation with one of our very regular guests.  I found out that when gnomes move into a garden they like, they start to call all their friends and family, to let them know they should come move in too.




As you can see New Smyrna Beach is not just becoming a popular place for humans to live, it is also been found by the gnomes.  Over the past 3 1/2 years my gnome’ population has more then doubled.  So far, they all seem to be finding their own homes and everyone is getting along well.  I hope we won’t have a Harry Potter situation where we will have to go out on a regular basis and de gnome the garden.


The next time you stay make sure to take a minute to say hello to all our little friends and enjoy the gardens.

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