Barcelona World Roller Games

Frist Ellen and I would like the thank Steve and Jacqui for Tradsitting for making it possible for us to leave.  They took such great care of all of our friends and guests, making it possible for us to relax and enjoy the great honor of watching out Niece Corinne Stoddard become a world champion.  She took home a Gold and Silver medal for the USA.

Corinne Stoddard is Junior women 10K Elimination race 2019 World Championship.



From Corinne- A recap of Worlds. Now that worlds is over I would like to recap on how it went. This worlds I became Jr world champion in the 10k elimination🥇 on the track and I also got a silver medal🥈 in the 10k points on the road. July 10th, 2019 was the best day of my life so far. The day I became a world champion🌎. Although the competition didn’t start out well. On the 1st day I was going to get 2nd in the points elimination on track and I crashed on the last elimination lap and lost all of my points😭. Then the next day the track mysteriously became super super slippery and everyone could barely skate, and I didn’t make it out of my 1000m semi-final because I made a stupid mistake in the race😑. On the 3rd day, I went into the competition not very confident but telling myself to leave it all on the track and do my best because it was the last track race. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen but once the race started I was on fire🔥. I ended up having the best race of my life😁 (thanks to my coach Kalon) and I WON🏆! It was the best feeling in the world and I was in complete shock for 2 days😂. Becoming a world champion takes a lot of people and there are so many people I need to thank but some very special ones in particular. Thank you to my parents Vicki Vanlandingham Stoddard Paul Stoddard, my coach Kalon Dobbin, Team arena Geisinger, my indoor coach and family Darin Pattison Kay Pattison Mike Pattison, my indoor sponsor Miguel Jose And Thomas Ford, thank you to Miguel for also training me on outdoor all of the years prior to now. OMP Darian Oneil, BJ Steketee for coming all the way out to Barcelona to help us, the team USA staff Gypsy Lucas Kelly Springer Tony Cabral, my second mom Stephanie Garcia Pasquarella, my best friends that support me so much (you know who you are😉), my past outdoor coach Mark Muse, my first sponsor Dave Benson, Jay Ingram for taking me to my first international races, Jimmy Blair II for providing me with boots, and EO SKATES.

Ellen and I were so proud to be able to be there to watch Corie win the gold medal.  It was an honor to watch her and all these skaters overcome the 1st two days of disappointment in this competition, and their ability to overcome the track conditions, that made racing next to impossible.  This more the just about the experience of being at worlds but for Ellen an I watching all our strong beautiful niece rally around there cousin to support her in her dream as they are all in the process of following their own.   Jessica (30) signal mother of Kara (8) and Army Reserve officer and GS 12 currently living in Ramstein German, Amanda (29) independent and paying her own way through college, April (19) and serving as a Master-at-Arms in the Navy currently stationed in Rota, Spain.  I couldn’t be prouder of all these young women have already accomplished in their lives.   It was a true honor to get to spend time with them for a week and fumble our way around this beautiful city.

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