19th Annual New Smyrna Beach Jazz Festival

For many, many years I worked as a Navy Recruiter.  I had the privilege of working events with the Navy Band.  Tonight, was the first time I was able to sit in the audience, and just enjoy these amazingly talented musicians.  It may be hard to believe but getting a job as a musician is one of the hardest jobs to obtain.  First, of course, one needs to meet all the basic requirements of every sailor.  Then the have to play multiple instruments, sight-read music and do an audition with one of the Navy bands.  In 17 years of

Where in the World is Wilson

If you have ever watched the movie Castaway, you will recall that while Tom Hanks is on the raft before he is rescued, Wilson floats away.  Have you ever stayed up nights worrying about what happened to poor Wilson?   Did he drown?  Is he still floating out in the middle of the ocean? Was he washed up on a different island, lost to the world forever?   You can now sleep easy again.   Wilson is safe and sound and now live right here in New Smyrna Beach.
As it turns out Wilson washed up in Pont’s Inlet.  He was found by

New Smyrna Beach a Foodie’s Paradise

There is no better way to get to know our independently owned and operated restaurants then taking the Eat NSB walking tour https://eatnsb.com/.  This can be an amazing adventure to take with families, friends, or bridal parties.   With stops at many of our personal favorite Canal Street restaurants.
The Corkscrew https://www.corkscrewbarandgrille.com/.   Whose chefs take great pride in providing you the best American classic comfort foods with a little southern twist.  They use only the best local and fresh ingredients.  This high standard earned them, The Stars of the South winners for both best waitstaff/service and

New Smyrna Beach is all about Fall

If you have never been to New Smyrna Beach in the Fall you have no idea what your missing.   The temperature drops to a comfortable 85 degrees the daily rain tamers off and activities around town increase.   Biking, Kayaking, Fishing, and Boating are the most enjoyable during the fall season.  Dining out on any number of our restaurant’s patio and decks is a wonderful experience in the cool evening air.   Book a getaway weekend and come check it out for your selves.

September – Every Saturday morning Farmer’s Market on Sam’s Ave.
1st – 2nd Sugar Mill Distillery tour

Summer the plants take over.

It is hard to believe how fast everything grows in August.  The grass, the vines, and all the plants.  The more it rains the faster everything seems to grow.  I thought we would just post a few pictures of all our crazy plants.  I forget how many verities we have until taking pictures one at a time.   For the first time ever, I got to see a mother-in-law tongue bloom. I didn’t even know that they did bloom.

Some days it is hard to believe we are in the middle of the historic downtown. 

Barcelona World Roller Games

Frist Ellen and I would like the thank Steve and Jacqui for Tradsitting for making it possible for us to leave.  They took such great care of all of our friends and guests, making it possible for us to relax and enjoy the great honor of watching out Niece Corinne Stoddard become a world champion.  She took home a Gold and Silver medal for the USA.
Corinne Stoddard is Junior women 10K Elimination race 2019 World Championship.
From Corinne- A recap of Worlds. Now that worlds is over I would like to

4th Of July Celebration and Fireworks

Celebrate the Birth of our Great Nation right here in New Smyrna Beach.  The City will be hosting the July 4th of July Celebration & Fireworks event tomorrow at Riverside Park the Food trucks will be open at 4:00 PM, Live music will start at 6:00 PM and take us into the Fireworks that are set to go off at 9:15 PM.
We have the Inn all decked out and ready to celebrate the USA.  Ellen and I believe that one of the best parts of living at the Anchor Inn is that we rarely have to drive to events.

New Smyrna Beach Summer Concert Series

New Smyrna Beach is a City full of events year-round.  An example of this starting today! The City of New Smyrna Beach Leisure Services Department will be presenting a free concert series from now until August 15 in Riverside Park, 299 S. Riverside Drive.The shows will be held in the new gazebo from 6:30 until 7:45 p.m. The series will be Kicked off by the bluegrass sounds of Glencoe Ridge with Marc Monteson as MC.
Then next Thursday will of course be the annual 4th of July Celebration in the park with music, fireworks, food trucks and so much more.The concerts

Garden Gnomes at Anchor Inn NSB

Many of you that have stayed with us here at Anchor Inn NSB may have noticed the garden gnomes around the property.  These creatures seemed innocent enough.  We acquired the majority of the larger ones from my mother.  She had to sell her home around the same time that we planned to buy the Inn.  She was heartsick that her sweet elves (as she calls them) would not have a place to live in her new home.  Ellen and I assured her that we would find the prefect place for them here at the Inn.  So, once we closed,


We love being a part of our Canal Street Historic District Family. If you have never been to a Canal Street 1st Saturday you really don’t know what you’re missing.  On July 6, CSHD will hosting the 8th annual Christmas in July on Canal Street.  If you do not have reservation for this weekend you need to book now!  Our rooms are limited.
The fun begins at 10am with the Sidewalks filled with booths for both the Art Stroll and the annual Sidewalk sale. (It is very convenient it starts right as breakfast ends.)  The real fun starts with the